Kandu Health serves people returning home from the hospital after a stroke. We offer remote clinical support through our app and team of Kandu Navigators. Our program delivers information, resources, guidance, and community support tailored to each participant. Kandu empowers stroke survivors to take charge of their recovery and help them acclimate to living with stroke.

Stroke Facts

One in five people in the US will have a stroke in their lifetime and it is the leading cause of acquired disability in the US.


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There are 20 million people in the US living with the impacts of stroke, including eight million stroke survivors and 12 million care partners and family members.


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Statistics show in the first three months after a stroke, a person needs nearly 50 hours per week of informal care. This work is often picked up by families and care partners who also need emotional, physical, and financial support.


Pucciarelli G.,  Ausili D., Rebora P., Arisido M., Simeone S., Alvaro R., Vellone E. (2019) Formal and informal care after stroke: A longitudinal analysis of survivors’ post rehabilitation hospital discharge. J Adv Nurs. 2019 Nov;75:2495-2505.  https://doi.org/10.1111/jan.13998

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Kandu is driven to help change the course of stroke recovery and improve the lives of stroke survivors and their families.

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Our hospital partners are committed to better quality of life for stroke survivors. Their partnership with Kandu Health demonstrates their trust that better patient outcomes are possible. If you are a provider interested in the Kandu program, please contact us

“As a vascular neurologist, I know stroke treatment is constantly advancing. And I know how important caring for stroke survivors can be in improving quality of life. Kandu empowers and supports stroke survivors to maximize their recovery and ultimately live their best lives.”

Tudor G. Jovin, MD
Chair, Department of Neurology
Cooper University Hospital