About Us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life
for stroke survivors and their families.

Quality and enjoyment of life are possible after a stroke. Our focus is to empower stroke survivors to take charge of their recovery to define and achieve their own best days.

Our Values

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Maximize patient access

All stroke survivors deserve access to our program.

Drawing of four people representing a family

Center stroke survivors & their families

Our actions, decisions and products will always serve the best interests of stroke survivors and their families.

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Promote evidence-based tools

Our programs bring together evidence-based medicine and the lived experience of stroke survivors.

Be intuitive and relevant

After a stroke, time, energy and attention are precious.
Our goal is to provide survivors what they need,
when they need it, as simply as possible.

Kandu Logo

At Kandu HealthTM we care deeply about people affected by stroke. Kandu is a digital health company designed for and by people recovering from stroke. We’ve partnered with a community of stroke survivors to develop a program that fully meets the unique needs of survivors and their families.

As a subsidiary of  Imperative Care, Kandu Health is part of a broader purpose-driven organization dedicated to addressing gaps in the health care system from disease detection through patient recovery. Together, Imperative Care companies are reimagining the way stroke and vascular diseases are treated to transform the way life is lived.

Our Team

Kandu Health is led by experienced healthcare leaders, clinical advisors, and technology experts who have made stroke care their life’s work. We are a diverse team of professionals, clinicians, and survivors committed to helping the stroke community thrive.

Our team includes stroke survivors and clinicians with backgrounds across ten disciplines of stroke care including:

  • Vascular Neurology
  • Neurointervention
  • Physiatry
  • Neuropsychology
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Social Work
  • Behavioral Health

“It is an honor to work directly with stroke survivors and their families, and to take their lead in defining and improving quality of life after stroke. Changing stroke outcomes starts with changing the way we engage with people who have had strokes.”

Fred Khosravi
Chairman & CEO
Imperative Care

Kandu Leadership Team

Kirsten Carroll, Headshot
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President, Commercial
Ramin Rasoulian, Headshot
Jen Glynn, Headshot
Marketing & Business
Ralph Oyaga, Headshot
Corporate Compliance Officer
Lindsay Howard, Headshot
Clinical Affairs and Quality
Lauren Sheehan, Headshot
Clinical Services

Clinical Leaders and Advisors

Medical Director Comprehensive Stroke Center Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Nancey Trevanian Tsai, MD – headshot
Clinical Professor, Neurosurgery/PM&R, Medical University of South Carolina
Jeffrey Wertheimer, Headshot
Chief of Psychology and Neuropsychology Ceders-Sinai Medical Center
Chief Medical Officer

Content Development Consultants

Andreas Charidimou, Headshot
Clinical Instructor, Boston University
Skye Coote, Headshot
Stroke Nurse Practitioner
DaJuandra Eugene, Headshot
PhD, CCC-SLPDr. Speech Therapist
Corrin Godar, Headshot
Occupational Therapist
Beata Henry, Headshot
Care Partner
Maya Kallay Lewis – headshot
Manager, Clinical Operations Stroke Program Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital
Bryan Henry, Headshot
Stroke Survivor, Teacher, Musician
Gillian Mason, Headshot
Disabled Science Communicator & Physiotherapist Researcher
Professor of Stroke and Elderly Care Medicine, University of Edinburgh
Stroke Survivor & Podcaster
Jessica Nolan, Headshot
Stroke Rehabilitation Physiotherapist
Candice Osborne, Headshot
PHD, MPH, OTR Neuro-Rehabilitation Researcher & Occupational Therapist
Michael Shutt, Headshot
Stroke Survivor, Actor, Playwright
Melia Wilkinson Portrait
Care Partner
Chelsea Zimmerman, Headshot