Neurolutions, Inc. and Kandu Health Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Access to Breakthrough Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Remote Support for Stroke Rehabilitation

November 8, 2023

Companies’ Post-Stroke Solutions Aim to Significantly Improve Recovery Journey for Patients and Their Families

Neurolutions Inc ., the leader in the use of non-invasive brain computer interface (BCI) technology for post-stroke therapy, and Kandu Health™, a tech enabled health care services company that is changing the course of stroke recovery and post-acute care, today announced a strategic partnership aimed to raise the standard of care for post-stroke recovery. Through this partnership, Kandu Health’s expert clinicians will support Neurolutions by providing clinical consultation and assessments of stroke survivors to determine patients who may benefit from Neurolution’s IpsiHand System.

Kandu Health provides remote, multidisciplinary support to stroke survivors and care partners after hospital discharge through a team of clinically licensed navigators and an easy-to-use app.The IpsiHand System is a breakthrough therapeutic device and the only FDA-cleared, commercially available solution that enables non-invasive, at-home rehabilitation for stroke survivors affected by chronic motor deficits. The alliance between Neurolutions and Kandu Health offers stroke survivors streamlined, expert clinical assessment for the IpsiHand System, reducing the barriers to accessing this life-changing technology.

“The Neurolutions IpsiHand is a next generation solution that meets stroke survivors where they are and empowers them through advanced thought-driven neurotechnology. By partnering with Kandu Health, we can ensure that individuals who most need the IpsiHand System are able to get it in a timely manner, and with the critical clinical support needed to optimize patient care,” Hosaid Leo Petrossian, CEO of Neurolutions, Inc. “We believe this will significantly expedite the
recovery journey for countless stroke survivors.”

Kandu Health’s expertise in creating tech-enabled solutions for stroke recovery is a strong complement to Neurolutions’ IpsiHand System. Kandu Health’s integrated approach ensures that stroke survivors, clinicians, and care partners are connected, supported, and equipped with the resources throughout the recovery process.

Establishing Feasibility of a Post-Acute Stroke Navigation Platform

The award-winning ANVC 2023 poster by Lauren Sheehan, Sr. Director Clinical Services for Kandu Health, “Complex Needs & Dynamic Solutions – Metrics That Yield Outcomes in a Post-Acute Stroke Navigation Program,” evaluated how post-stroke impairments, Social Determinants of Health, and the presence of a care partner impact survivor engagement and outcomes in a remote post-acute stroke navigation program.

Jennifer Patterson, NP, Director of Neuroscience Operations at CHI Memorial Neuroscience Institute, who led the ANVC poster evaluation, said, “Stroke trials have traditionally categorized any patient who is able to live independently at 90 days (mRS 0-2) as having a ‘good outcome.’ What we see in the Kandu data is that 57% of patients achieving mRS 0-1 and 77% of those achieving mRS 2-3 engaged in 10 or more post-acute Navigator touchpoints over 12 weeks, demonstrating the significant need and opportunity for these services. Kandu’s ability to engage and support patients across a broad spectrum is encouraging.”

“We are excited to see the strong signal from this recent evidence that this work is important, our services are accessible to the communities they serve, and the outcomes we are generating are meaningful,” said Kirsten Carroll, CEO of Kandu Health. “We look forward to continued partnership with our stakeholders to generate additional clinical evidence that demonstrates our value and informs policy and standard of care for stroke survivors.”

Neurolutions Logo

Neurolutions is a medical technology company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients suffering from neurological conditions. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients. We are focused on advancing the field of neurorehabilitation through cutting-edge research and development.

The IpsiHand System is a breakthrough therapeutic device in neurorehabilitation that uses brain-computer interface technology developed for chronic stroke patients with an impaired upper extremity to help regain function after stroke. The IpsiHand device has been clinically validated and has received FDA clearance for use in the United States.

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Kandu Health is a commercial-stage Imperative Care company that provides tech-enabled healthcare services to people recovering from stroke. Kandu Health develops integrated solutions that aid in the stroke recovery process for stroke survivors, their providers, and care partners. Kandu Health provides hospital staff and payers with assurance that their patients are safe and connected to the best resources. Kandu Health began offering its program with its first hospital partners in the greater Los Angeles and South New Jersey areas. Kandu Health is based in Campbell, Calif.

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