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How Do I know if I am Having a Second Stroke?

About 1 in 4 people, 25% who have had a stroke will have another stroke*. It’s important to be able to identify the warning signs.


Sudha Seshadri, Alexa Beiser, Margaret Kelly-Hayes, Carlos S. Kase, Rhoda Au, William B. Kannel and Philip A. Wolf. Originally published 5 Jan 2006 2006;37:345–350


Only a health professional can determine if you are having another stroke. If you are having a new stroke, every second matters. Call 9-1-1 and seek emergency care for a possible stroke if you experience the following symptoms:


Recognize the signs of a stroke


Sudden loss of balance

Is it suddenly hard to stand up and walk in a straight line without feeling like you might fall? Do you suddenly feel very dizzy?


Sudden change in vision in one or both eyes

Is it suddenly very hard to see out of one eye? Do you have new double vision?


The face droops on one side

Is your face drooping on one side, especially around your mouth?


New arm weakness or numbness on one side

Do you have a new weakness in your arm?


New slurred or confused speech

Is your speech slurred or are you not making sense when you try to talk?


It’s TIME to call 9-1-1

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms immediately call 911. Do not drive yourself or have someone drive you to the hospital. Time is important. An EMT can get you life-saving treatment the fastest.

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